Montfort Hall
Montfort Hall
Coming Soon! Boutique Inn - Italianate Mansion born in 1858

established in 1858

Montfort Hall was commissioned in 1858 by William Montfort Boylan with the guidance of British architect William Percival. The Italianate style mansion was completed in 1860 and sits on the highest point of the now historic Boylan Heights neighborhood in Downtown Raleigh. It is one of the few remaining pre-civil war houses in the area and is a National and Raleigh Historic Landmark. Over the past 160 years, the house has seen an array of owners and physical changes. However, the home was extremely well built and the structure has truly stood the test of time. Although it is currently in a state which is unlivable, we are in the process of restoring this special piece of Raleigh history to add to the vibrancy of downtown Raleigh with a Boutique Inn and Gathering Space. 

Our vision for Montfort Hall comes from a passionate dream of community, connection and inspiration. We can't wait to share a renewed Montfort Hall with the Raleigh community and visitors alike. 

Top 3 Vision & Goals:

#1 Renovation / Preservation

Working with National Park Services, State Historic Preservation Office, RHDC, and Preservation NC to restore the figurehead of the Boylan Heights Neighborhood. Intentions are to set the property up to be self sustaining for the future so it does not fall back in to disrepair.

#2 Boutique Inn & Gatherings

Montfort Hall would first and foremost become a 9 bedroom Boutique Inn offering guests a memorable and authentic place to stay just outside the heart of Downtown Raleigh. Secondary, Montfort Hall would also host intimate gatherings that are supplemental to the Inn space, allowing guests to utilize the indoor and outdoor space of this magnificent house.

#3 Community

As such a unique, iconic house in Raleigh, we want the community to also enjoy the property. Some ways in which the community will be able to experience the space are through a community nights, special events hosted by the hall and the neighborhood and possibly a bar.

Montfort Hall will also support other local businesses by sourcing goods from them to run the daily operations as well as make contributions and efforts to give back to the community.

When updates are available, we will share them on our FAQ page and with our mailing list.  We welcome any and all questions, concerns, feedback or old stories about Montfort Hall. Feel free to email us here


Sarah and Jeff


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Our Team


Sarah & Jeff Shepherd

Husband and wife team, Sarah and Jeff, have lived in the Boylan Heights neighborhood for the past 7 years and are the visionaries behind the plan to make Montfort Hall an anchor in the local community. They have always had a passion to open their own meaningful business in downtown Raleigh combining their creative passions with community. They have every intention of making Montfort Hall thoughtful, forward progress for their beloved neighborhood. Their love for Raleigh is evident in their close relationships with local business owners and their desire to bring their own touch of vibrancy to the neighborhood with a unique historic inn.


David Maurer, Architect 

In addition to managing Maurer Architecture and sister company TightLines Designs, David has led numerous historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects across North Carolina, many utilizing historic tax credits. He currently works with nearby towns to encourage upper level residential development in the downtown areas. Due to his expertise of the NC Existing Building Code, he is frequently invited to speak at conferences about the downtown rehabilitation process. David also lives in the Boylan Heights neighborhood along with Sarah & Jeff!